Clash Royale Chest Tracker description

Chest Tracker (follower app for Clash Royale) is an assistant device utilized to:

1) Learn your current chest placement in the Chest Cycle.

2) Tell you exactly what is the following four breasts.

3) Inform you the amount of even more chests till the next Golden Chest, Giant Chest as well as Wonderful Chest, as well as the fastest time to obtain those chests.First, we should recognize that the chest decrease in Clash Royale is not random, but follow a set series or set cycle. Other than the Super Wonderful Chest, Epic Chest and also Famous Chest, which is decrease randomly and also depends on good luck.Clash Royale Chest Tracker

Prior to beginning the chest tracking, you need to recognize your present chest placement in Clash Royale Chest Tracker. For experienced player that played Clash Royale for a long time, you probably currently failed to remember a number of upper bodies you opened up until now. The good news is, this app have an integrated function “Chest Placement Finder” that able to help you learn your current chest position.How to utilize Chest Setting Finder?

Every time you got a chest from Clash Royale battles, open this app as well as click the button of the chest that you’ve just received. Normally around 5-30 chests is should figure out the existing chest placement. You will be informed as soon as your current chest position is detected.How to utilize Chest Tracker?

Every time you obtained a chest from Clash Royale battles, open this app and click “I Got A Chest” switch (Other than Super Wonderful Chest, Impressive Chest and also Legendary Chest). This Chest Tracker will certainly show you the following four breasts and inform you the amount of more chests till the following Golden Chest, Giant Chest and also Wonderful Chest.KEY ATTRIBUTES

– Track the existing chest position in Chest Cycle

– Track the following four upper bodies

– Track the variety of chests till the next Golden, Giant as well as the Wonderful chest.

– Track the fastest time to get the following Golden, Titan and also Wonderful chest.

– Track the chest position finding development (%) in Chest Position Finder

– Chest Rotation Layout (Diagram with all the 240 chests in sequence).

– Option: Present app faster way icon on standing barBie Fans Workshop makes apps permanently. We allow fans of Clash Royale and we only create useful assistant applications for the games that we love.